Commercial Wallcoverings of Cape Cod

"If you want it glued to the wall give us a call"


  • No job to big or to small.

  • We professionally install wallcoverings in homes, hotels, motels, inns, restaurants, schools, boats or on any surface.

  • We specialize and have perfected the installation of any type of wallcovering: vinyl, paper, cloth, grasscloth, handprint, fabric, write-ables, cork, bamboo.

  • Any type of space: boat, outdoor spaces, ceilings, columns.

  • We use low V.O.C., environmentally friendly adhesives.


  • We have wallcoverings in stock, for sale, for quick installations.

Some of our projects:

"Wallpaper does contribute to decorative qualities that no other wall covering can give in quite the same way. It has, in some of its designs, a freshness and crispness....a more intimate and informal manner to the room, yet is seldom frivolous or trivial. It becomes a coherent part of the material of the room, one with the that is seems solid, strong and structural, but is never cold and hard. It has besides a range of character from the gay and whimsical through the luxurious to the solemn and dignified that is not available in any other material." Wallpaper Its History Design and Use.

By: Phyllis Ackerman, PH.D.
   copyright 1923 Pages xvi-xvii.

Who We Are

We are a family run Cape Cod, Massachusetts wallpapering business since 1984, we started with 2, (Cheryl and Bob) and have grown to employ 7 full-time professional paper hangers. We have wallpapered for the rich and famous, as well as for charity. We believe that great wallpaper, professionally removed, prepped and installed, can really change your world! (more)

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